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Norman Leveridge came to work at the museum on a part time basis as a research assistant and to assist in creating the data bases of documents in the archives. He has always been interested in the history of the area as he lives on a historic farm and has a passion about military uniforms and the blockhouses of the Anglo Boer War. He also paints scale models of soldiers in uniform from the Anglo Zulu and Anglo Boer wars. Working with documents in the archives led him to ask more and more questions and he jumped at the opportunity to become a cultural guideHe is also a registered nature guide.

Bornwell Masuku has shown considerable interest in the museum collections and in explaining them, particularly to school groups.  He has a deep interest in Zulu cultural history and coal mining.

Pam McFadden, a graduate of the University of Natal and University of South Africa, has done considerable field research into the military conflicts fought in KwaZulu-Natal and has regularly conducted tours around these sites for the past 35 years. She has had 6 books published on the battles of the area. As Curator of the Talana Museum since 1983 she has been responsible for the development of the museum and battlefield which is acknowledged as being one of the finest in South Africa.