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Glencoe Street Names



Glencoe was established when the railway line was constructed between the Port of Durban and Johannesburg.

It served as a junction for coal loading from neighbouring Dundee and Northfield coal mines .

It was first called Biggarsberg Junction after the Biggarsberg Mountain Range.

Later with the arrival of Scottish miners, it was renamed Glencoe Junction- which changed in 1932 when the Junction was dropped and it became Glencoe, with the formation of a local council.

It is a reminde of the valley with that name in Argyleshire in Scotland.

The towns of Glencoe and Dundee are inextricably coupled.


Biggar Street 

Was named after Alexander Harvey Biggar, a British army ex-soldier who settled in Natal. He acted as a scout to the Voortrekkers on their way to fight what became the battle of Blood River. On 9th December 1838 as they were moving from the banks of Waschbank River to climb up honey mountain (Zulu name) or mud mountains (Voortrekker name because of the terrain and the weather) Biggar in his Scotch cart fell into a hole in the river below the mountain. The men with him laughed as he surfaced saying “Kyk, Biggar het in die gat geval”. Hence the name of the river and the farm Biggarsgat. When he was killed in the battle of Ophathe Blood on 29th December 1838 the mountains were named Biggarsberg in his memory. The pass over which they struggled was named after him as well. This is not the present road which has been moved for ease of traffic, the original route was to the left of the road as you drive up the pass from Wasbank. Some of the markers used to exist 40 years ago are still on CA Froneman’s farm.


 Benville Street

This was named after Ben Viljoen who was responsible for the building of all houses near Glencoe Primary School.


Karel Landman Street

The main streets of Glencoe were Karel Landman and Biggar Streets forming an intersection near the town hall and civic building.

Karel Landman Street was named after Voortrekker leader, Commandant Karel Landman, second in charge, at the Battle of Blood River.

It stretched from his house at Uithoek, near Wasbank and was considered the longest street in KZN.

It passed through Glencoe and on to Dundee to connect with Victoria Street.


Payne Street  

After Mr Payne who arrived in the mid 1980’sand started a hotel and store. The hotel is the ABH home today. His home, Payne’s farm at the end of Payne Street was used by Boer forces as the Russian hospital in 1899 – 1900, was staffed by Russian doctors and nurses. Glencoe was the Boer Headquarters during operations in Natal. At the time of major battles around Colenso the hospital handled up to 1000 injuries a day. They were brought by train and after treatment and stabilised were transported by train to main hospital in Newcastle.


Dirkie Uys Street

Was named after the young boy who went back to save his father from the Zulus. Both he and Piet were killed in 1838 at Italeni.


Schroeder's Street

was named after pioneer farmer Schroeder who had owned large parts of Glencoe, below the railway line.

He sold the land to the Municipality and that area was subdivided with roads and plots for the Indian community who were displaced by the Group Area Act of 1950.

The former area was rezoned as the Industrial Area of Glencoe. Many roads were incorporated in the Industrial Area and Schroeder street lost it's name.



Shapiro Street

Mr Shapiro owned Mine Stores and his bakery provided bread for all the coal mines of the area. He was murdered in the 1980’s. His house and bakery still exists in Glencoe.



One such was a street called Rawat Lane, named after my father's father, Rawat ,  who came from India, on an indenture ship, and settled in Glencoe.

Names of streets in the former Indian Area were named after flowers eg, Buttercup, Rose, Dahlia, Aloe, Violet, Azelia etc.

The upper part of Glencoe has names such as Gandhi, Nehru and Sastri, after prominent Indian leaders, of India.

In the White area, streets were named after pioneer white settlers in Glencoe, such as Kemp, Cellie and De Beers

Damman Street was named after the farmer Damman whose farm still exists below Indumeni Mountain East of Glencoe. 

Simpson Drive was named after farmer Simpson, whose great great grandsons still farm and was the son-in-law of Karel Landman.

Dirkie Uys and Van Riebeeck Streets were named after pioneer settlers in S

Kerk Street after the Dutch Reformed Church, in that street.

Justice Street, is near the Magistrates Court.

 Boundary Road is the Eastern boundary, below Indumeni Mountain.

Burnside Road linked Glencoe to Coal Mine Burnside on the Western side.

On the upper end of Glencoe we have street names after game, Kudu, Blesbok and Rietboek.

On the eastern side we have the Black Township called Sithemble, with street names, after prominent people in the street, such as, Mthembu, Bbense, Chabide, Zamane and Ningizimu.

The old Sithemble area has street names such as Sith 11, Sith 18, Sith 15 etc.